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Domestic Violence Survey


The St. John's Status of Women Council has taken on a three-year project that will address the need for research on how domestic violence (DV) impacts our workplaces.

In just 10-30 minutes, by completing our DV@Work survey, you can contribute to creating workplace practices that help support victims of DV and their co-workers: #DVatWorkNL 


Alarmingly The Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice & Accountability (CFOJA) has just released its 8-month report; 106 women and girls have been killed in Canada

from January 1 - August 31, 2018.

I don’t have a breakdown of numbers in this province yet, but we know that DV is a huge, and significantly unreported crime here at home; more awareness is needed, and I thought this awareness and participation would be a good supplement to our new language around the issue of domestic violence.